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Anomatic(suzhou)metal packaging co,ltd

Anomatic(suzhou)metal packaging co,ltd


Anomatic(suzhou)metal packaging co,ltd
About Us
Anomatic Corporation a fully integrated solutions provider for metal packaging continues to expand its capabilities to serve the pharmaceutical and medical device industry producing Metered dose inhaler MDI canisters insulin pen components and medical devices Our attention to quality and customer service is at the core of our over 50 year success story allowing us to meet the critical demands of the Pharmaceutical Medical Device Military Aerospace and Cosmetic sectors Anomatic has been providing high precision aluminum products since 1965 producing more than 1 1 billion parts annually Anomatic is well equipped to design and develop customized aerosol cans manufactured to fit your specific...

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Metered-dose Inhaler Cans

Drug Delivery Components

Medical Devices

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Aluminum Canisters

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